Surprising Secrets Of Successful Home Staging

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Before you let a potential buyer see your home, take the following steps to ensure a great showing. These surprising secrets of successful home staging will help. Maximize Horizontal Space Horizontal space gives the illusion of spaciousness. Nearly every homebuyer wants to buy a home with lots of living space. The horizontal space you create doesn’t even need to be utilized. You can create the horizontal space by: Clearing surfaces like countertops, tables and desks Hanging floating bookshelves with nothing on them Clearing the tops of kitchen cabinets Invest In Fresh Flowers And Plants Fresh flowers and plants evoke feelings…
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Four Ways You Can Enhance Your Home’s Value Before You List It for Sale

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Whether you've decided it's time for an upgrade or you're moving on to a new city, if you're selling your home you may be wondering how you can boost its value before listing it up for sale. In today's blog post we'll share four ways that you can spend a bit of time and money upgrading your home before it hits the local real estate market. Spruce Up Your Landscaping You'll want your home to make a great first impression, and as such a great place to start is by sprucing up your lawn, gardens and other landscape features. Your…
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Juggling Priorities: How to Manage Buying a New Home and Selling Your Old One at the Same Time

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Are you a homeowner who is thinking about selling their current home and making an upgrade to a newer, larger home? If you're facing the prospect of having to manage a home purchase and a home sale at the same time you'll find that there are numerous priorities that are begging for your attention. In today's blog post we'll share a few tips for how to manage a buying and selling transaction simultaneously without being overwhelmed by them. Start By Getting Your Finances In Order Before you start the hunt for a new home you'll want to ensure that your…
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