Four Tips on Selling a Home With Pets

Four Tips on Selling a Home With PetsThere are more residential homes with pets in the U.S. than in any other country. However, that also means that the home also takes on the characteristics of the pet, including the smells, and that can make things a bit difficult when it comes time to sell that home. Homeowners with pets will have to work at removing any signs the pet has left behind. Here are four tips on how to do that.

Get Rid of the Obvious Evidence

As much as homeowners love their pets, when it comes time to sell a home any sign of the pet has to be removed. Don’t forget where the pet left their marks as well. Cats, for example, love to rub against specific locations to leave a scent. Fur and oil end up leaving a mark on the walls over time. Homeowners should look for and expect to make any sign of the pet’s presence disappear for a successful sale. This can be challenging if the you are still living in the home. The best way to approach removing the scent is to wait until you have moved out and deodorize and clean at that time.

Deodorize, Deodorize, Deodorize

Pets produce a distinct smell over time, but pet owners usually don’t notice it. Have a friend or neighbor come over after every cleaning to check if the pet smells are still there. People who do not own pets will notice pet smells immediately. The more sensitive the nose, the better. Homeowners should keep deodorizing the home until every pet smell is sufficiently purged. Then, bake some cookies on open house day.

Deep Cleaning

Anything with fabric, like carpets, will need to be deep cleaned. People with allergies will pick up on an animal’s fur right away. Animals also have a habit of leaving stains. Ideally, the house carpet should be replaced before a sale, but that’s not always practical. So, plan on a thorough professional carpet cleaning. Hard surfaces and walls should be fully washed and sanitized as well.

Don’t Forget the Backyard

If your pet likes to roam, the backyard needs help too. You should redo the landscaping and erase any sign of the pet’s presence. Dogs are the big culprit in this category. Fresh lawn and new flowers help a lot, and new bark is a great ground cover at low cost.

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