3 Questions Not To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

3 Questions Not To Ask Your Real Estate AgentIt’s an exciting time when you’re buying or selling your home and your real estate agent is your partner in this real estate endeavor. But there are some questions that your agent can’t or won’t be able to answer for you. These are the top three questions not to ask your real estate agent.

 1. How High Will The Buyers/Sellers Go?

Knowing that your agent is in touch with their agent, you might think your agent knows the highest amount the prospective buyers or sellers will go. This question is problematic for several reasons.

First, would you want your agent to divulge how low of an offer you would be willing to accept? No. Second, the buyers agent would never share that kind of information with your agent anyway. That would violate the ethics code that all quality real estate agents go by. 

2. Can You Please Not Divulge the Mold/Radon/Flooding Issue?

Homeowners and real estate agents are required by law to divulge any known issues such as mold. If you as a homeowner are aware of radon and/or flooding issues and you share it with your real estate agent, they may be required to disclose those issues to prospective buyers.

If you ask your agent to withhold that information or to fib about it, you’re really asking them to risk their license and source of family income. Obviously you wouldn’t want to do that. Instead, abide by the laws and let your real estate agent do the same.

Besides, when your buyer is fully aware there’s a better chance for a successful sale. 

3. Can You Promise Me A Sale Within A Certain Timeframe?

Real estate agents can’t promise that your home will sell in a certain amount of time. They can offer you statistics in your area and give you an average amount of time when your home might sell. Other than that, there are no guarantees. If you want your home to sell fast take as much of your agent’s advice as possible.

Your agent will do everything they can to answer all your reasonable questions. Just don’t ask your agent to violate their ethics or make promises they can’t keep. 

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