How Often Should Your Real Estate Agent Contact You?

How Often Should Your Real Estate Agent Contact YouIf this is your first time working with a real estate agent, you may be wondering how often you’ll be in contact with your real estate agent. Obviously, you want to be sure they’re still working for you even when you don’t hear from them. So how often should your real estate agent contact you, and when?

When Your Agent Will Likely Contact You

Expect a call from your agent when the following situations occur:

  • Your agent wants permission to have an open house at your home
  • Your agent is giving you feedback about the open house
  • A buyer wants to view your home 
  • A buyer wants to come back and see it again 
  • An offer has been made on your home 
  • Your counteroffer has been approved/rejected
  • A prospective buyer has made an offer on a different home
  • A home inspection/photographer’s/home staging appointment is pending
  • A change is needed in your listing (raise/lower price, etc.)
  • Other pertinent information becomes available

When Your Agent Might Not Call You

  • The buyers who viewed your home have not made an offer or expressed interest
  • No one has called about viewing your home
  • No action is pending

Is No News Good News?

You might go several days or even weeks without hearing from your real estate agent. No news or contact from your real estate agent isn’t necessarily good news or bad news. It’s just indicative that there’s been no activity on your home sale.

You can certainly reach out to your real estate agent, but that won’t change the fact that they have no news for you. If too much time passes with no activity, your agent will certainly contact you to make a new plan about your home listing. 

There’s really no set schedule for how often a real estate agent should contact you except that they will always keep you abreast of pertinent information to do with selling your home. Remember that your agent is working for you even when they go “radio silent.”

Your agent’s primary work before the sale is behind the scenes; attending other open houses and networking with other agents and brokers to spread the word about your home for sale. Be patient and know that the wheels are turning, even if they aren’t squeaky!



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