Win When You Sell And Move

Win When You Sell And MoveHome sellers often feel like there may only be a small window of opportunity to sell their home. Winter is typically regarded as a “waiting period,” until buyers start being active again. But winter may be a great time to sell and move.

Your House Will Probably Have Less Competition

More and more sellers are realizing that winter can be a favorable time to put a house on the market. Still, when you decide to sell during the winter months, you’ll have much less competition due to lower inventory. In turn, this will make your house stand out and capture more attention from interested buyers.

Multiple Offers Are Likely

For the same reason that your home will have less competition, it’s likely that you’ll receive multiple offers when you list your house in the winter. You could even have a situation where there’s competitive bidding on your house! This is due to low inventory, as well as buyers’ eagerness to get settled into their new home before the first daffodils have broken ground in the spring.

Houses Sell Faster In Winter

Statistics show that houses are on the market for shorter periods of time in winter than in other seasons. The average tends to be just a little over two weeks. Again, this is likely due to buyers wanting to hurry and move into their new home so they can be ready for the first beautiful spring days.

Now Is A Great Time To Sell

Home values are at record highs right now. At the same time, mortgage rates are still at historically low rates. Therefore, this perfect storm of opportunity is ideal for both sellers and buyers. You can likely get a great sale price on your home, and your buyers will be getting terrific low rates on borrowed money to buy. It’s a win-win situation that you should take advantage of!

Don’t wait any longer to list your home for sale. If you’ve been planning to move, now’s the time to win when you sell and move. To make the transaction easy, contact a licensed real estate agent in your area to get started.

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